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About Toons Bridge Dairy

Making Mediterranean Style Cheeses in West Cork

Welcome to our 100% family owned and run dairy based in an old creamery in West Cork. We work with un-pasteurised buffalo and cows milk to make cheeses informed by the traditions of the Southern Mediterranean.

We have spent many weeks and months travelling between dairies in Italy, Spain and Greece learning and perfecting the traditional methods used to create these unique cheeses but it is the milk we work that gives our cheeses their provenance.

We have our own herd of Italian Water Buffalo brought from Italy that graze on our farms in West Cork, in the lush Toon Valley and on The Wild Atlantic Way. The animals can graze openly on grass pastures almost year round yielding a rich and creamy milk that responds incredibly well to our cheese-making methods.

We buy cows milk from a number of local dairy farmers. These farmers  stagger their calving and grow most of their winter feed themselves meaning we can use their milk year round. 

Our dairy was born of strong market trading culture and much of our trade is done at weekly markets across Ireland, along with the English Market in Cork City. Through this direct selling we have built strong relationships with our customers over the years that, without the forum of the market arena, would simply not be possible. We also supply a number of wholesale customers who share our values, from Pizzerias to Delicatessens to Michelin star restaurants. Their professional feedback is what helps us to continue to improve while giving us the opportunity to tailor cheeses to their specific needs. For a full list of markets that we attend, please click here. 

If you make Mozzarella, it makes sense to open a Pizzeria, so that's what we did! Toonsbridge Cafe and Pizzeria open weekends from Spring to early December and is joined to the Dairy itself in Toonsbridge village.