We are Toons Bridge Dairy & The Real Olive Company


We supply restaurants, cafe and shops across the country with both our Real Olive Company produce and our Toons Bridge Dairy cheeses. 

Wholesale Contact Details:

If you'd like to talk to someone about our products, or receive a catalogue, please contact our wholesale team either by phone or email! 

Phone: 087 3658171 

Email: sales@therealoliveco.com 


A list of the restaurants, cafes and shops across Ireland that we proudly supply!

(as it's early days for our new website, we are still expanding on this section!) 


"Inspired by the Italian restaurants of 1950's New York, Luna delivers quality, comfort and elegance without pretense. We use the olives and mozzarella from Toonsbridge and are delighted to be working with such fantastic produce"

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“Toons Bridge cheeses are loved by Avoca chefs, and their mozzarella and halloumi is used throughout our kitchens and can be found on our café and restaurant menus. Toons bridge cheeses are also available to purchase from our foodhall cheese counters.”

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"For the last couple of years, The Real Olive Company has been supplying us with various Mediterranean ingredients, as well as their delicious Toons Bridge Dairy Mozzarella. We love the selection of products available and the staff are great to deal with."

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