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Traditional Cypriot cheese, made in our dairy in West Cork

We make our Halloumi with a mixture of raw cow and sheep milk that is renneted without a starter. The curd is wrapped in muslin, put into tins and pressed with weights in order to remove excess moisture and to give the cheese it's shape. A couple of hours later, the cheese is removed from it's moulds, sliced and cooked in its own whey.

Halloumi is originally from Cyprus, where it is made all over the island by both the Muslim and Greek Orthodox communities. Similar versions are made throughout the Eastern Mediterranean.

We recommend slicing our Halloumi, and gently browning each side in a pan or under a grill. It is important to get the slice size right as too thin and it looses its texture, too thick and it does not cook to the middle. When the cheese browns, this is the milk sugars caramelising, which is what gives it that lovely toffee flavour. Haloumi is also known for it's squeak when bitten into!

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Making Halloumi in the dairy!