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Smoked Scamorza

Delicate smokey flavours with a smooth texture that melts beautifully 

Scamorza is a simple stretched curd cheese that is hung for a short period of time to air dry, before it is smoked over straw. This produces a sweet caramelised flavour which is more delicate than traditional hay smoked cheeses. When melted, Scamorza has a similar stringy consistency to Mozzarella.

In Italy, Scamorza is grilled in a pan, in a similar way to haloumi. At our Pizzeria in Toons Bridge, we slice chunks of Smoked Scamorza into a terracotta ramekin, and we melt it in our wood fired oven with thyme and olive oil. We then serve it with slices of flatbread and olive oil for dipping.

Scamorza in Italian has a dark meaning, as it translates to “beheaded”. It acquired this name because of the way it looks, hung by a cord

We make Straw Smoked Scamorza in two different shapes. On our stalls you'll find it in pear shaped balls that are individually hung. For wholesale and catering we also do a log that can be sliced.

Our Straw Smoked Scarmoza won bronze in the Irish Times Food Awards with Blas na hEireanne in 2016.

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